Attendance in classes:

Principal will announce the date of commencement of classes on the date of admission and accordingly regular classes will continue. 75% of attendance in the classes is mandatory for all students. Students attending less then 65% of the classes will be debarred from appearing in the examinations conducted by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council or Gauhati University.


1. There will be two Unit Tests for each subject having one paper of 50 marks and two hour time.

The Unit Tests will be the basis for screening students for final examinations.
There will be a Special Examinations for the major students, with each paper carrying 100 marks.
Students absenting from the Unit Tests are liable to pay a fine of Rs.20.00 per subject. In case of absence in Special Examination the fine to be imposed is Rs. 200.00. Defaulters with regard to payment of such fines will not be issued their admit cards for the final examinations.
Provision for admission of unsuccessful students :

Unsuccessful students of the Higher Secondary Class are generally not considered for regular admission. Of course, in the event of availability of seats, such students may be admitted on the basis of merit.

Unsuccessful students who want to appear in the examinations conducted by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council or Gauhati university have to seek permission from the principal by paying a fee in the office of the college (on principal's notice) much before the time stipulated for submission of application forms for the examination. Those who have subject(s) with practical have to take admission as casual students (on Principal's notice) some months before examination and ensure the minimum required attendance in the practical classes..