General rules for maintenance of discipline and academic atmosphere in the college :

(a) The college gives the top most priority over maintaining peace and order as well as over building students' character. Every student must accept liability for helping the college to reach this goal.

(b) Everyone concerned must follow the advice and directives of the college authority.

(c) To attach any notice/bill or to hold any meeting or other programmes in the college premises, prior permission must be obtained from the Principal.

(d) In matters relating to maintenance of peace and order in the college, Principal has the discretionary power.

(e) If any student is found staining the walls of the college buildings etc. by spitting after chewing betel nut, he/she will have to face severe punishments, even rustication.

(f) It is obligatory for all students to wear college uniforms while being present at the classes, examinations, any functions/ activities held in the college premises and while coming to the office for any kind of the office for any kind of work.


There is a uniform dress code for students of M.C. College, which is mentioned below.
For boys - Cream colour shirt, grey colour trousers.
For girls - i) White salwar, brown kameez.
ii) Brown mekhela, white chadar with maroon border, maroon blouse. It is mandatory for the students to wear uniform while remaining present at the college on any occasion.