College Library:

The central library of M.C.College, named Kameswar Das Library, well-equipped with a large number of books of different sorts, periodicals, research journals etc. has been rendering significant contributions to academic and intellectual development of students as well as teachers. The library has Open Access System. All regular students can borrow required books (four for major students, three for general students at a time) from the library as per the stipulated rules and regulations. Books thus borrowed by the students from the library are to be returned within 15 days from the date of borrowing, failing which, a fine of Rs. 0.50 per book for the first fifteen extra days, and after that, a fine of Rs. 1.00 per book per day will have to be paid. The regular affairs of the library like issue of books are computerized.

The library has separate reading rooms for students and teachers. The students' reading room has a seating capacity of 96. It has a colour TV to facilitate the students to watch U.G.C. programmes. Compact Discs with academic content like environment etc. are shown to the students once a week..

Book Bank:

The Kameswar Das Library has a 'Book Bank' , from which books are given to regular students belonging to following categories.
i) The H.S. 1st year students who secured 80% of marks in the H.S.L.C. examination
ii) The H.S. 2nd year students who secured 'A' grade in the H.S. 1st year examination.
iii) Two meritorious students of each major and pass-course subject in Degree 1st, 2nd and 3rd year classes, on the basis of the result of the last examination.
iv) Students of Degree 1st, 2nd and 3rd year classes, from economically backward families, who secured the 1st Division in the las examination
v) Students belonging to ST, SC and OBC, who secured 55% of marks in the last examination.

Departmental Library :

The departments have their own libraries with a good stock of useful books in the respective subject. Students can also borrow books from the departmental libraries. The departments follow their own rules in this regard.

Internet Facility:

The central library has internet facility, which can be accessed by both teachers and students free of cost during working hours.