Mission & Vision :

The mission of an ever-growing educational institution has to keep changing as per the need of the hour. This institution at the time of inception had the only mission to cater to the educational needs of the entire western Assam, and in particular, of the present Barpeta district. Importance was laid on bringing higher education nearer to the economically backward people. A vision working behind setting up of such an institution of higher education was to make people capable of performing various assignments that a free India would demand.

The College has no doubt succeeded in its immediate objective to bear the torch of higher education for the populace of this region. But this institution is also fully aware of the fact that the last few decades have witnessed a sea-change in the arena of higher education, as a result of which, our college now can't confine itself to its earlier, traditional academic programmes. The present day world demands more and more professionals in various fields of activity for the purpose of nation-building. The college, therefore, puts greater emphasis on introducing more programmes of contemporary relevance now, side by side with its traditional academic programmes. Computer programming, information technology, business management etc. are some of the areas that the college feels the need to include into its academic territory. The college at present attaches utmost priority on Information Technology, though in the near future more academic areas are to be introduced. So, apart from having Computer Science as an elective subject at both the H.S. and the Degree level, the college also runs the Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) courses under Gauhati University.