Procedure for selection of students for major subject :

Selection of a student for major subject will be on the basis of the candidate's 'Credit Point', which is calculated by adding the total marks obtained by the candidate in the in the Higher Secondary examination to the marks obtained in the subject he/she wants to study as major subject.

If a candidate wants to study as major a subject not studied in the Higher Secondary class, the 'Credit Point' is calculated by adding the total marks obtained in the Higher Secondary Examination to the Percentage of marks secured

Admission :

1. Admission to the college is entirely on the basis of merit. The candidate must be present in the interview for admission and he/she must produce the original copies of mark sheet and admit card of the examination passed, certificate from the head of the institution last studied in and caste certificate (if any) along with their attested photo copies. The candidate, must get himself/herself admitted on the date of the interview by paying the necessary fees; otherwise he she will forfeit the seat.

2. Students will collect identity cards on the date of admission. They have to bring an unattested copy of their latest passport size photograph with them on the date of admission. Students must keep their identity cards with them while staying in the college premises without fail.

3. Admission to major subject in case of degree 1st year students will be done on the date of admission on the basis of credit Point and preference given by the students.

4. If any candidate passed the qualifying examination before the relevant year, he/she must enclose a 'gap certificate' from some competent person with the admission form.

5. As regards any controversy concerning admission, the decision of the Principal will be final.

Reservation of Seats for admission :

There is provision for reservation of seats for students belonging to Schedule Castes/Tribes and Other Backward Castes, subject to availability of candidates.

Provision is also there for reservation of a very limited number of seats for the students showing excellence in sports and culture (minimum state level standard). Students seeking such reservation should submit to the principal a separate application in plain paper with the appropriate certificates, besides the usual application form, within the stipulated date.