Research :

The college gives special emphasis on encouraging its teachers to get themselves involved in active research for the Ph.D. degree, apart from post-doctoral research works and minor research projects. To motivate the teachers for research and to offer them necessary help in this regard, the college has a Research Committee with Dr. Satyendra Nath Sarma as Chairperson and Dr. Malay Kumar Barman as convener. The teachers are encouraged to avail themselves of the fellowship programme of the U.G.C. for completion of the Ph.D. degree and of the benefit of the financial grant of the U.G.C. under the Minor Research Project Scheme.

Among the teaching staff of the college, at present, there are 13 (thirteen) numbers of Ph.D. holders, while 10 (ten) other teachers are involved in research for Ph.D. degree. Several teachers have done Minor Research Projects. Recently 4 (four) teachers completed their Minor Research Projects.