Student Union :

M.C.College has a students' union. The executive committee of which is formed with the representatives elected by the regular students through election for a one-year term. It is obligatory for every regular student of the college to be a member of the Students' Union.

The M.C.College Students' Union has a constitution according to which all its functions and activities including election are governed. In the year 2007, the constitution of the Students' Union underwent a through revision as per the recommendation of the Supreme Court of India.

The aims and objectives of the M.C. College Students' Union, as declared by the constitution, are: -

a To develop the sense of fraternity among its members.
b To keep the academic atmosphere of the college intact and to keep an eye on safeguarding and academic interests.
c To take up programmes with the purpose of gaining physical, mental, moral and cultural development of the members
d To create awareness among the members against prejudice, cultural decadence, superstition etc. To achieve the above-mentioned aims and objectives the Students' Union take up the following activities :
Organization of programmes that can contribute to the students' intellectual, physical and character developments like debate, quiz, speech, seminar, cultural programmes, games and sports etc.
Participation in the programmes meant for social service.
Formation of public opinion against environmental pollution and taking of appropriate measures according to the need
Organization of the freshmens' social and the college week during the one year term and publication of the college magazine once in a year.
Participation in the Youth Festival and Competitions organized by Gauhati University.
Taking up of any other progamme that may contribute the achieving the above aims and objectives.

The executive committee of the Students' Union consists of the following office bearers:-

i) President ii) Vice President
iii) General Secretary iv) Asst. General Secretary
v) Literary Secretary vi) Cultutal Secretary
vii Debate Secretary viii) Social Service Secretary
ix) Sports Secretary x) Football Secretary
xi) Volleyball Secretary xii) Cricket Secretary
xii) Gymnasium Secretary xiv) Boys' Common Room Secretary
xv) Girls' Common Room Secretary

The office bearers are elected from the students. Each portfolio held by students is under on teacher-in-charge. Besides, there are two class-representatives from the Higher Secondary (Science and Arts) classes.